Cambridge Cancer Research Fund

Cambridge Cancer Research Fund – CCRF – is based in Cottenham, a few miles north of Cambridge and has, over the last 25 years funded cancer research at the University of Cambridge and at Addenbrooke’s Hospital.

CCRF provides short term support for priming cancer projects in various research laboratories, mainly in Cambridge. CCRF aims are to promote and advance research into the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

CCRF also funds research on antioxidants which are present in cancer cells; knowledge of which will be vital in the design of improvements in the curative effects of ionizing radiation (radiosensitization and radiotherapy) and anticancer drugs (chemotherapy).

The Fund is currently supporting work on the development of new tests to spot early cancer growths that can be successfully removed before they spread.   Recently we have funded work at Addenbrookes Hospital to find new biomarkers  that can detect aggressive cancers at an early stage.    Accordingly, we are currently appealing for funds to follow up this work and enable us to set up a new research group to evaluate and validate new sensitive diagnostic technologies to detect these  aggressive cancers.

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“Cancer is a curable disease if it can be detected in its early stages”